Monday, November 7, 2016


I started 3 initiatives in last 2 months, but nobody is cares.

I had setup process to update the project documentation where every team member needs to update it on a regular basis, but no one is doing it.

Oh, we have started with this campaign of blah-blah-blah for last 2 months, but hardly any one contributes.

Sounds very common, isn't it? Ask a simple question to yourself, did you onboard the stakeholders? Did you take their buy-in?

Did you explain the reasoning and logic behind your expectation to them? If not, then don't expect them to contribute. If you do not take effort to "onboard" each and every stakeholder with your initiative, you set it up for failure. 

And yes, same is true in your personal life too. Thinking of cleaning up the entire house this weekend? Ensure that you have onboarded your spouse, children and other family members. Else be ready for no-contribution or half-hearted contributions.