Thursday, December 17, 2009

Take care of your team

Needless to say, that’s the most important thing any project manager needs to do. Your team is your asset. Each one of you brings in different set of qualities, experience, expertise. Each project manager needs to know about that.

Here are few things a project manager could/should do for his/her team:

  1. Identify your key members
    • You need to know each of your key members to the maximum extent.
    • Do the SWOT analysis for them and use it during your conversations with them.

  2. Regular meetings with your key members
    • Make sure you talk to those individuals on a regular basis in a structured meeting where you discuss the strengths, weaknesses, achievements, goals, alignment with project goals etc.
    • Also talk to them about their key members. This will give you a deeper view into their teams.
    • Seek feedback for yourself and for projects. Make sure you take appropriate action on that feedback and it gets communicated to those individuals.

  3. Informal meetings with a diverse group within your team
    • These meetings have good potential to bring out if something is going wrong within the team.
    • Arrange some team events where people open up, talk about their personal likes/dislikes. Grab an opportunity to know them more.

  4. Do little things that make your team happy
    • You announced a very good release – get some goodies for the team. Have a quick meeting, praise them openly and let everyone know that you appreciate their effort.
    • Remember important days in their lives – birthdays, anniversaries, kid’s birthdays etc.

Bottom line – it is a recurring investment, more you pay [attention], more you reap the benefits.

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